About Us

Our overriding aim is to ensure your working partnership with Copier Lab is a happy and headache-free one.

Getting the right copier or copiers for your business with the right service package from an outfit that’s fast, flexible, responsive and local. Shouldn’t be a big deal, should it!

Not with Copier Lab it isn’t. In all our combined years in the print and copier field we’ve been struck by how poorly served are the smaller and medium sized business by the major operators. We aim to put that right by creating Copier Lab – a small but perfectly formed copier company focusing specifically on the needs of the newer and/or more modestly sized business.

With offices across the UK, we’re on hand with rapid response right across the capital whenever you need us. Friendly, approachable and easy to work with, we care about the things that count for the smaller business – but we’re also major players in the big league. Backed by one of the sector’s major names, we have the market reach and buying power to give you the very best deals on state-of-the-art kit from the world’s greatest brands!